The Worst Punishments For Women In History That You Can't Believe

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❀ ♡ ♪ Instead of punishing with death, ancient and modern nations have created many forms of cruel torture exclusively for women ...
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"Rustic" - Sitting wooden horse

When convicted of adultery, the woman was stripped of all her clothes and tied to a torture device with a saddle / donkey shape, in the middle there was a rough round wooden stick similar to the penis attached to the wheel shaft to move, some even get nailed around.

The wooden penis will be plugged into the vagina, when the horse runs, it will bump up on the vulva, causing the offender to bleed and suffer, and the victim will scream miserably.

Most people who are tortured in this form cannot escape death, and if they do, they will be disabled for life.

Hand clamps

This penalty was applied in Chinese feudal dynasties, which lasted until the end of Qing dynasty (19th century). This is also the most popular torture instrument for women during this period.

The woman suspected of adultery will have to put her fingers into a specialized tool for torture. This device will squeeze the victim's fingertip.

If it is too painful, the victim will faint, the cold water will be flushed to the province to continue suffering.

In addition, this form also appeared in Middle Eastern European countries with a device called "hand grip".

They are designed in all sizes to crush every part of the female body, from the hands, feet to the knees, even the head of the offender.

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