The Avengers May Be Making Their Own Infinity Stones In Endgame

Diupload : 22 Mar 2019
Channel  : CBR
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What’s the Avengers Real Plan With The Infinity Stones?

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It’s clear that the remaining Avengers are going to have to do something to bring back those who were dusted after that fatal snap. We know that at least some of the heroes are coming back if for no other reason than sequels are planed. The question remains, how will they do that? What could possibly bring back half the universe? Set photos and clues from the movies have lead fans to believe time travel is going to play into Endgame, but then what’ll the time traveling Avengers do once they’ve gone to the past? A popular theory is that they’re gathering the stones before Thanos can to prevent the snap altogether. There are problems of continuity and changes of events that affected the lives of the Avengers and others in unpredictable ways. What if they were hoping to create stones of their own to challenge Thanos? Let’s take a look at how that might play out.


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