Guess Funny & Inspirational Asian Ads with Unexpected Twist - 6

Diupload : 14 Jan 2019
Channel  : EPIC WORLD
Duration : 15.14
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Guess Funny Asian Ads:
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Guess Funny Japanese Commercials:
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Use following time-stamp to move to next puzzle:
00:00 Scared son | Funny Thai Commercial
00:48 Rich Son-in-law | Funny Chinese Commercial for Didi
01:52 No trespassing for fat & oil | Funny Thai Ad
05:45 The power of Makeup | Funny Korean Commercial
06:47 Daughter's boyfriend | Funny Thailand Commercial
07:45 Mera naam hai Jugaadu | Funny Indian Ad
09:20 The loyal dog | Inspirations Thai Commercial
12:00 Do you know what the meaningful life is? Motivational Thai Advertisement

Asians have a cool, funny and weird sense of humor compared to western sensibilities. This is reflected in highly popular, funny and inspirational commercials from Asian countries like, Thailand, India, S. Korea, China and Japan. In this video, you have to guess the product before the advertisement ends. Are you crazy and creative enough to guess these ads??? Find out in the part 6 of “Guess the funny Asian ads” by Epic World.