The List Of Actors Who Died In 2018

Diupload : 8 Jan 2019
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When you look at the list of actors who died in 2018, it’s deflating. There were some beloved icons who passed away, young actors gone too soon and some that had a more profound impact than we anticipated. It seemed that no one saw Anthony Bourdain’s death coming - the globe trotting chef made no attempts to hide his personal demons, but he seemingly had things going in the right direction. Bourdain’s death in France in June 2018 shook not only the restaurant industry, but his millions of fans around the world.

The death of Stan Lee hit many people hard. Lee had become a beloved icon - and an ambassador for not only comics but geek culture at large. Lee passed away at age 95 in November 2018 - we all knew he wasn’t in the best of health but still, Lee became such a lovable grandpa to so many of his fans, with his trademark Stan Lee cameos in MCU (and other) movies, many fans were touched and moved by his death. Stan Lee left quite a legacy, and his cameos for future MCU movies are already shot, so he’ll still live on up on the silver screen.

Harry Anderson, best remembered from Night Court, died in 2018. R Lee Ermey, the drill sgt from Full Metal Jacket, died in April 2018. Ricky Jay, perhaps the greatest card magician and trick dealer ever, passed away in November 2018. Too many beloved actors died in 2018.

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