Actors Reveal Who They Liked Kissing Most On-Screen

Diupload : 12 Des 2018
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Who did your favorite actor liked kissing the most and locking lips with on-screen? We bet you're dying to find out. Sure, being an actor might sound like tough work: you have no privacy; you work late hours on-set away from your family and loved ones; everything you say or do gets scrutinized by the public; and you're basically living your entire life under a microscope. On the other hand, you get paid millions of dollars a year to stand in front of a green screen and look good. Sometimes, that million dollar paycheck also involves you hooking up with some of the hottest people on the planet.

We all know that movie sets are far from romantic, or even comfortable. There are hundreds of people with equipment, all focusing on your every minute detail, so it might not be easy to enjoy your work, but when you have to kiss Angelina Jolie or Chris Pratt in a steamy love scene, it's safe to say you're not going to have a bad day at the job. Like any other person working a nine-to-five, some employees are better to get along with than others, and the same goes for those big Hollywood makeout sessions while filming a movie. Luckily, a few of our favorite stars revealed which on-screen kissing partners made their camera lenses fog up the most.

Kate Hudson: Heath Ledger rocked | 0:18
Bryce Dallas Howard's Pratt attack | 1:09
Ethan Hawke: Team Angelina | 2:13
Ryan Reynolds kisses and tells | 3:02
Penn Badgley's best and worst | 4:17
Keira Knightley digs James McAvoy | 5:12
Zac Efron praises Zendaya | 6:05
Oprah's unforgettable smooch | 6:55