Communication attempt between Orcas and human

Diupload : 21 Feb 2017
Channel  : Kapr Divers
Duration : 3.16
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Kapr Divers, Whale Safari & Northern Light tours

Saturday afternoon on our small boat (and in the water around it) in Norwegian sea.
Unforgettable day, spending hours with this group, watching their cooperation by hunt for herrings and social behaviour after.
After feeding Killer Whales become as curios as we were. They swam close to the our boat, to Janka /snorkelling girl with orange strap on mask/. They came so close, stop and watch each other try to understand. Checking from under and above with spy hops, sending love... See how long is the Orca stopped in front of the girl. They tried to communicate watching each other eyes...
Breathtaking moments!