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Most of the movies on my previous Top 10 Thrillers on Netflix video have expired so it's time for a new one! Thrillers tend to find their way into a variety of other genres like Action and Crime movies so I've recently covered some of the best thrillers on Netflix in other videos (links below), but here are some great ones I've not yet mentioned and one (#1) that I have.

If you watch my channel regularly, you know, I only recommend a movie more than once if I really love it and in the case of my #1 pick, I've loved this movie for a very long time. Even though it's not a masterpiece, I feel like it's a great movie that not enough people have seen yet.

Stay tuned for more videos listing the best movies to watch on Netflix and save yourself hours of scrolling through, trying to find good movies to watch. The best movies on Netflix aren't always easy to find as proven by my #2 pick which was very difficult to uncover.

Top 10 Thriller Movies on Netflix:
10. Bullet Head
9. Deadfall
8. Hostage
7. Wheelman
6. Body of Lies
5. Blood Diamond
4. Salvation
3. Michael Clayton
2. Defiance
1. Way of the Gun

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