Top 12 Animals You're Glad Don't Exist Anymore

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Top 12 Animals Your Glad Dont Exist Anymore

Welcome to The Worst, We are going to go through the top 12 Animals that you are glad dont exist anymore!
#12 Arthropleura (Arthro-plura)
Perhaps one of the more well known hell no's in history, Arthropleura was basically a giant millipede the size of a car. it scuttled around in the deep forests eating rotting plants. It was vegetarian, as far we know. But with this things size i could easily see it attacking anything that threatened it and eat it.
#11 Brontoscorpio (bronto-scor-pio)
Scorpions are big badasses, especially considering that they have existed in one form or another for over 400 million years.
Another thing that makes this creature a scary badass is that it grew ungodley large. Brontoscorpio was a meter long with a stinger the size of a cell phone. And the last fact about this monster is that it was a sea scorpion with gills and it was in fact the first animal to walk out of the ocean and live on land as well as in the water.
#10 Jaekelopterus (jaek-elop-terus)
This thing makes Brontoscorpio look like a little puppy. Now it will be a little armoured puppy with pincers and a stinger the size of a football. The Jaekelopterus was the size of a crocodile with a hunger just as big as one too! It ravaged anything that stood in its way. Anything and everything was on the menu for this beast. It was also one of the largest sea scorpions in existence. I would have hated to be there surfing with this crazy thing around!
#9 Plesiosaurus (plese-si-a-souris)
Plesiosaurus is often mistakenly referred to as a dinosaur, when in fact it is a prehistoric marine reptile that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. It had a long neck, four paddle-like flippers and a tail. Basically a long neck Dinosaur that lived in the sea.
#8 Stethacanthus (steth-a-canthus)
Stethacanthus is an extinct shark which lived over 323 million years ago. Fossils have been found in Europe and North America. Stethacanthus was around 2 and a half ft long, and it was best known for its unusually shaped dorsal fin, which resembled an ironing board. Small spikes covered this crest on its fin as well as its head. We think that this crest may have played a role in mating rituals or have been used to frighten potential predators.66