'Telescope' - A Sci-fi Short Film presented by DUST

Diupload : 27 Agu 2016
Channel  : DUST
Duration : 9.19
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‘Telescope’ - by Collin Davis (presented in 4k)

Earth as we know and love it may become a thing of the past.
That’s the starting premise of Collin Davis’s “Telescope.”  This thoughtfully crafted short film follows a brave cosmic archaeologist as he travels back in time to capture photos of the once vibrant planet.  As he travels further back in time, we learn that the galaxy and time he came from has a lifeless Earth with no organic life left on its surface.  It’s hard to finish the film without feeling nostalgia for an Earth that is being taken for granted.
Dust loves this short film for its obvious environmental overtures but especially for its longing for a home that was but no longer is.  A fun fact is that this film’s lead VFX artist is none other than Wes Ball, the acclaimed director of Maze Runner and short film Ruin.
Collin Davis’s heartfelt film is worth watching more than once and taking to both head and heart.

Official filmmaker site: http://pqdavis.com

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